The Top Of The Rock at The Rockefeller Center

When we visited New York back in 2013, we decided to view New York city at “The Top Of The Rock” which is an observation deck on top of the¬†Rockefeller Center. The two main reason for choosing this over the Empire State Building was one, less people and two, we get to see the Empire State Building itself. The Rockefeller Center is just a short walk from Radio City, at the bottom there is a pretty water feature, good for a photo opportunity and a number of shops for those shopaholics.

Looking Down on New York

Looking down from the Top of The Rock

Central Park

Central Park

Empire State Building
Empire State Building

We arrived about 10am and there were no queues outside. Once we got inside and up to the ticket area, we only queued for about 5-10mins. Once you hace your ticket, you go up the lift and follow the route for the viewing platforms.

As you can see from the photos the view is spectacular! The morning we went on was a little cloudy and even at that, you call still see a fair bit of New York. The viewing areas were not too crowded, probably because we arrived early or, the fact it was a little foogy might have put some people off going that day. Although seeing the rooftop myself, I have to say, it is quite spacious.

Anyway, I loved the view you get from the Rockefeller vantage point and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Swissgear GA-7343-06 Cobalt Laptop Backpack Review

I gave a quick review of the Swissgear GA-7343-06 backpack in July 2103. A year and a half of using it now, the exterior of the bag is still in perfect condition! The only thing to mention is the stitched on label from the velcro strap inside for the laptop compartment. The label was worn and dangling, so I tore it off. The strap itself is fine though.

Here was the video that shows the features of the bag.

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