Wenger Link 16″ Laptop Backpack Review

The Wenger 601072 Link 16″ backpack is a great business style bag. It’s designed for traveling in mind, having one of those pass through sleeve on the back of the bag, for sliding over the tow handle of your towed luggage.

The material is a nice thick polyester that looks really durable, and it looks like it could withstand a good amount of rain. The bag also has some really nice leather touches on the shoulder straps and the grab handle of the bag.

Compartment wise, there are 4 main compartments. Firstly, a padded laptop compartment which within it, there is a pocket to hold a tablet such as an ipad. I should mention that backing of the tablet pocket has a nice velvety feel to it (for scratch protection I assume). Second compartment – the main storage one. It has a padded base that you can fold up or down depending if you want to keep shape of the width of not. It’s a really good size, can definitely get a pair of jeans and a couple of tops in there easily. On the top of this compartment, there is a small zipped netted pocket which you can use for electronic device cables. The front zipped compartment – this has a smartphone sized pocket, again backed in a velvet material, several card type pockets and a pen pocket. There is also zipped compartment here for you to store you’re important things like your passport. Lastly, there is a zipped pocket on the top of the bag. I thought this was solely for a pair of sunglasses but it’s actually quite deep. It would probably take 3 pairs of sunglasses in there. For me it’s s quite handy for storing items you need quick access to.


verall, I’m really impressed with the build quality, it looks amazing. It certainly looks like it was built to last, my previous backpack – Samsonite Guard 2.0 only lasted 5 months and it started to tear at the seams – definitely not going to buy a Samsonite backpack again.

Please check out my video on YouTube which shows you the backpack and the various compartments – https://youtu.be/r1aH2i1jaU4.

Nest Hello Doorbell wiring with DETA C3500 / C3501 Chime UK

Just writing up this post because I struggled to find good information on how to wire up the Nest Hello Doorbell with a common UK chime box the DETA C3500. Please note I’m not an electrician, just a normal guy that is pretty decent at some basic DIY. Make sure you seek advice of your own if you don’t know what you are doing.

There were some instructions online that showed how to wire up the Nest with different chimes and some instructions bypassing the chime box completely. I wanted to see if I could try and keep my existing chime box without having to fork out for a new one.

You obviously have your existing door chime box and the Nest Hello but additionally, items I used for my installation:

The transformer you require must be able to supply at a minimum of 12v to be able to power the camera. I got mines from Screwfix, link to it is above.

British General 8-24V 8VA Bell Transformer Module
British General 8-24V 8VA Bell Transformer Module

Here is my chime box opened up.

Chime Box
Chime Box
Inbuilt Transformer
Removed cover of inbuilt transformer

First obviously turn off electricity to your door chime at your consumer unit. I then unplugged the two blocks of wires with the left block blue and brown being the mains voltage supply, and the right block white and blue thinner wires that go to the door bell itself. I removed the chime box from the wall so it was easier to work with wiring it up.

Mains and door bell wire
Mains and door bell wire

What is needed are the two coming out of the solenoid, i.e. the hammer to the chime, mines were covered in a plastic see through sheath. You need to keep these 2 wires connected to the solenoid so you have to cut them off as close to the circuit board as possible so that you retain maximum length on the wiring. I had troubles with the wiring in that one of them snapped off the solenoid, so I had to dismantle to see how I could salvage but luckily it was just coil wiring so there was plenty. The hardest part was actually trying to pry off the cover to the solenoid, it took almost an hour!

Where to cut the wires
Where to cut the wires highlighted in red and me dismantling the solenoid

And here is the wiring diagram for my installation, note the yellow wire represents white.

Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram

I did a little test with the wiring before I actually installed the Nest doorbell to the outside. I installed the app and started doing the setup to make sure the wiring was ok.

Testing the camera
Testing the camera

After I was happy with the wiring, I then wired the Nest doorbell to my existing bell wires outside. It doesn’t matter which way around the two wires go here according to Nest’s video instructions.

Nest doorbell
Nest doorbell

Wired up but as you can see, the new transformer is a monster so it will not fit into the chime box. I had to order an enclosure to make it tidy.

Nest Hello Chime box wiring with transformer
Nest Hello Chime box wiring with transformer

A week later with the new enclosure the installation is now looking decent.

Tided up wiring
Tided up wiring
Project Complete
Project Complete

Hope you find this useful. I have also uploaded a YouTube video in which I describe my installation too.

Replacing headlight bulbs in a Mercedes A-Class 2012 onwards (W176) 

I couldn’t find much online on getting some tips on replacing headlightsl bulbs on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class so, I’m writing this post as a quick hints and tips guide.

To start, an A-Class that has standard halogen bulbs, the dipped headlights are H7 type. To access the headlight unit holding the dipped headlights, you have to go underneath the wheel arch and search for an access hatch on the wheel arch lining. Once you open the wheel arch lining hatch, you can then turn the circle lid to open up the weather sealed headlight hatch to gain access to the bulb itself. You shoudl see something like this now.

Now, you see those screws? They are deceiving, you don’t need to touch those at all. All you have  to do is twist the bulb conector anticlockwise and the bulb is unlocked from the unit.

Next stagebit to disconnect the wired connector from the bulb itself, just a small pull and your just left with an empty connector. 

Now it’s just a case of putting it all back together after the new bulb is in. 

Hopefully some of these photos help you to picture the process. The only think i found that was quite difficult was to close the hatch on the wheel arch lining. There is not much room to replace the hatch as you have to try and do this from the bonnet side.

The bulbs I installed were Philips X-tremeVision. This is a photo showing OEM bulb on the righy with the Philips on the left.

Brabantia 30L newIcon Pedal Bin

I was due a new bin since my current one has become a faded red, almost pink on he outside. I eventually decided on the Brabantia 30L pedal bin in fingerproof matt silver. The bin even features a soft closing lid which really sold it to me. Here are some photos of the bin and a link to a video showing it off at the end of this post.

Open box
Inner plastic bin
Top view

Here is my video of me showing the soft closing lid in action.

GreenPan Cambridge Ceramic Non-Stick Wok

Bought from Amazon.co.uk, quite impressed with it already. The quality of the wok is excellent, lovely sparkling dark ceramic on the inside of the wok.

On the very first use I had cooked raw chicken with crushed garlic on it. I didn’t use any oil and the chicken did not stick at all. It’s nice and easy to clean, no funny crannies.

I don’t have an induction hob and it still works great, the wide base allows the wok to sit on the grates perfectly.

Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil

For those that are looking to see the colour of the Ronseal’s Ultimate Protection decking oil applied to new decking, here are a few of photos.

The colour samples on real decking in B&Q.

Natural Cedar being tested on my new decking. As you can see, it’s quite warm and dark although it does dry lighter.

Having tried the Natural Cedar, I thought it was too dark for my liking. I then started to paint using Natural only, here is the photo showing the difference.

Essentially the darker bits of the deck have been oiled with the natural coloured oil and the lighter bits have not been treated with oil at all. You can also see the testing of the Natural Cedar I done. I’ll have to leave that to fade as you cannot get rid if it with a lighter colour.


Three weeks after and I wanted to to show you how the protection is standing out, it is still looking great!

Munchkin Stretch to Fit Sun Shade Review

I had bought the sunshade from Tesco during the baby event for £6.50. I was particularly hooked in when I read it was stretch to fit any type of window shape. I bought it without checking the dimensions as it was a really good bargain.

Open up the packaging and you see it is a pretty simple design, a stretchy net attached to four suckers operated on a press and click system.

This is it fitted to A Mercedes Benz A-class rear passenger window. As you can see, it is a too big for the A-class’s tiny window, even using the 2 little buttons on the net to shrink the two vertical sides (my fault for not measuring). The press and click system worked flawlessly, to release the suckers you pull the little tag on the sucker.

*** update 05/11/2017

I’ve decided to take thisboff the A-Class. It’s too difficult to see out the window for checking the blindspot. The window is too small so the material hasn’t stretched enough to make it that transparent! Perhaps this shade will be better on a carvwith larger windows. 

Auchrannie House Hotel Review

Situated in a town called Brodick on the Isle of Arran. Auchrannie Resort it is known as too is a family owned hotel that is very child friendly.

We were staying for 2 nights in a Spa Resort Double room. Check in was very straightforward, no fuss. We had asked for a travel cot for our little one and that was already in the room.

The room had a fridge which provided complementary water and milk stating it will be replenished everyday. The tv was a really nice modern flat screen with all the digital channels working! The only gripe I would say is, the window curtains don’t really blackout the light – not useful having a very young child. The room was very spacious even with our cot in it. The sofa could turn into a sofa bed if required. The room had a massive wardrobe meaning you could unpack the suitcase and place it inside too.

The toilet was in good condition, decent shower and a heated towel rail, useful for drying our swimming gear! Towels and complementary Arran Aromatics toiletries were provided – nice.

Just a note, our room. 101 didn’t have a good wifi signal, a little disappointed with that but surprising too as it was close to the reception! You really need wifi as in that bit you don’t get a mobile data signal either.

The resort had 2 pools, we only went to one located near the spa. It had a splash pool with some waterfall feature, brilliant for a 2 year old. The pool was pretty warm, not freezing like others we’ve been to. You can ask for floats and arm bands which they happily provide use off free of charge.

The restaurants were fab, we had a meal in both Cruize and Brambles Seafood restaurants.

My dessert from Cruise, amazing toffee sticky pudding.

Breakfast is served in the Cruize restaurant for those staying in the Spa Resort. The breakfast itself is very decent being a buffet service with quality Ayrshire bacon and farmers sausages,the hash browns were to die for!

There is a soft play at the resort too, free to use for hotel guests. It has two main sections, one for 0 to 24 months, mainly a play area with a slide into a ball pit. The second section for 2 years and above, a decent size structure full of the stuff with a big slide! There are also a few car types rides too – you have to put coins into these. Part of the soft play is a little outdoor park type thing – slide, climbing frame etc, good to use on a nice day. Here is out wee man doing his thing!

I hope this brief review is useful for you, I would definitely revisit his place. I loved how the resort had so many things quite close to each other. The staff was amazing and we couldn’t ask for any better hospitality.

BaByliss Pro Speed 2200 Ceramic or Not? 

Does the BaByliss Pro Speed 2200 hairdryer have ceramic coated elements? I tried to Google this but was I unable to find anything that confirmed my suspecion. I decided to buy it from Amazon and if it was the case it didn’t I would return it. 

I can confirm to you all that the BaByliss Pro Speed 2200 does indeed have ceramic technology! It states it on the back of the box… Phew! 

Aliathon Holiday Village in Paphos

We’re having our holiday here as I blog about this here. We flew with First Choice and when you land and do to the reception point, we gave our names and we received our hotel pack, so we were virtually checked into the hotel at the airport. The transfer to the hotel via coach was only about 20 minutes, you just need to see your luggage off the coach and go to the hotel reception to hand in the filled in form you received from the airport and you get your room key cards. We were then whisked into a golf buggy along with our luggage by the porter, we can see the hotel staff were really friendly already.

A tip here, make sure you specify any requirements upfront before you arrive as they do really deal with it. We only asked for a pool view room which they accommodated for us, however we didn’t specify a high floor so we got a ground floor room. They checked our requirements, and right enough it didn’t mention we wanted first floor, but we managed to change the room the next day though so they are very accommodating, albeit it is easier to do in March which is still pretty quiet here, the hotel is only about 50% full.

This is the view from our apartment 1205 in the fishing village.

The fishing villa apartment is great, they have the living area and the sleeping area separated, so great when you’ve got kids. When they go to bed you can still watch TV in the living room!

The bedroom is a good size with an additional patio door to the balcony. Facilities in the apartment includes a safe, hairdryer, TV in bedroom, drinking glasses, kitchen sink, cooker, oven and travel cot on request. 

The gym is great, plenty of free weights! I was the only person using it just after 2pm.

In the evening there is children’s entertainment in the main indoor stage, they have the entertainment team performing a live show that children can dance and interact with.


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